Webinar on
an Academic Year of Tennis + School

Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 6:30 p.m.

Emilio Sánchez Academy
& American School, Barcelona

Have you considered your child attending an intensive year combining their favorite sport, tennis, with excellent academic training?
Do you want 
them to enjoy an amazing international experience in Spain?

It is an extremely important decision which can raise many questions. We can help you answer these in our Virtual Open Doors on an Academic Year of Tennis + School in our international school in Barcelona. 

What will be covered?

We will talk about the following issues as well as others that may arise:

Is this program suitable for my child?

This is one of the most frequent questions. Our program is suitable for children 6 years of age and older. It is individually adapted to the age and level of each player, following the different stages of our renowned ES Academy Tennis Pyramid method.

Our Tennis + School program offers the best in tennis training and high performance fitness coupled with an exceptional academic education, providing a greater intensity of tennis and fitness training as the student-athletes grow.

Will my child receive a high-quality education?

Of course! ES International School is an American school that offers Elementary, Middle and High School. Students graduate with a High School diploma and go on to attend top universities. The official language of instruction is English.

The school is fully accredited and additionally, our elementary school is an accredited IB World School in which we offer the PYP (Primary Years Program) for grades 1 through 5.

How intense is the sports program?

The intensity is gradual and increases as the student-athletes get older: from 5 hours of sport weekly for our younger students, to 20 hours weekly for our teenagers.

Does it include accommodation?

All our programs can be with or without accommodation for students over 12 years old. We have residency on campus, with 24-hour supervision, in which students are separated by both age and gender.

Who will I meet at the webinar?

Mel Rose
Head of ES American School

Mel will answer all of your questions about academic subjects, transfer credits, admission requirements to the school.

Would you like to ask something directly? Feel free to email her mrose@es-school.com

Andrey Neyman
Director of Admissions at ES Academy

Andrey will answer questions regarding the training programs, logistics, legal procedures and also any questions about the Academy in general.

Would you like to ask something directly? Feel free to email him andrey@emiliosanchezacademy.com

Would you like to know a little more about our program?

We believe in the development of the whole individual

Our priority is the development of the PERSON as a whole, taking care of the personal, academic, and sports growth of our students.

Using tennis and education as a vehicle for personal development, our mission is to create opportunities in tennis, in education and in life, and for our students to continue to be great, citizens of the world after their experience at the Academy.

Total coordination of tennis and studies

The annual Tennis + School program offers optimal conditions for our student-athletes to achieve their maximum sports performance while continuing an excellent education.

Teachers and coaches jointly establish schedules, requirements to meet student needs and facilitate the most suitable program for each of their student-athletes. Thus, our young people are able to achieve their very best without giving up any of their dreams.

A fully international environment

Players from 100 different countries have attended the Emilio Sánchez Academy & American School, Barcelona since 2011, from all 5 continents. Citizens of more than half the countries of the world have been with us!

Students experience a variety of cultures, ways of understanding the world, how to express themselves in different languages, which makes for an extremely harmonious community in our Academy. It is also an opportunity for incredible personal enrichment for all the players who visit us throughout the year.

Exclusive ES Academy Tennis Pyramid System ®

At Emilio Sánchez Academy we know the importance of a player’s development. That's why we created the Player Development Plan outlined in the ES Academy Tennis Pyramid®, which shows players the path to success in the professional world of tennis. Each stage in the Pyramid relates to the chronological age of the player with the aspects that must be consolidated in each stage and the objectives that should be achieved. This entire process is supervised and evaluated by the player's tutor, who sets personalized improvement goals.

Book a Private Tour

A private tour is a great opportunity to discover our School and Sports Campus. Book an appointment to meet the admissions and management department and learn about the characteristics of the program at each stage: Elementary School, Primary School and High-School. You will also have the chance to discover our magnificent facilities. You can book the tour by contacting us here.

If you want to know more before the webinar, check out our annual program catalogue: